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Dana’s Feedback after the Memorial Day Weekend Classes of 2006

Thursday, February 01, 2007
Hello Brent,
Remember me from your 1st day @ Rutabaga...I was the frustrated gal with the xtra long paddle who couldn't stay away from rocks, walls, etc. I am SO happy to have taken your clinic!! I have been paddling @ Whitewater Lake and can't believe how amazing I can paddle! I am totally rejuvenated and amazed to use kayaking (even in my recreational kayak) as a 'workout'! I really can paddle for an amazing amount of time since I'm not doing the 'total arm thing' anymore. And yes I'm pretty proud of myself too!! Oh well, I always do something that brings me right back to my rightful size!! I just had to send you a note/testimonial to your excellent teaching clinic. I also purchased the DVD. I've always loved being on the water but it truly is a different experience now - a meditation with a real workout benefit. OK, enough already.......Wishing you all the best Brent.
Hope to see you @ Canoecopia next spring!
Paddle in Peace,