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Bill Walker BEATS the Wind!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Dear Brent,

I competed in my first ever kayak marathon (the Run of the Charles) in my Kayakpro Jet. 19 miles, six portages and two "wet exits" later I finished. I did about 3:35 with a 20 mph headwind for the entire distance. I passed three boats in the last mile-and your coaching was the key. I spent hours chanting " Push from the lat", "feet,feet, feet"(to help me use my legs more), and the winner "lift the elbow".

I chased one boat in front of me for 90 minutes before I finally overtook him in the headwinds.

I could tell that he was not using your methods, and I bet that the headwinds would hurt him more than me-and it worked out, as I caught him and dropped him with 200 yards to go.

I also beat another member of my kayak race club for the first time -by 10 minutes. He's my age, and has the same boat so it was especially satisfying to finally beat him!

Even a rather crude implementation of your methods was successful for me.

thanks again,

bill walker