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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello All: Below is Doug's Story about how kayak paddling has helped him overcome both mental and physical challenges in his life.
Doug lives in The Midwest, and just called me out of the blue last week, as he really wanted to share with me how important kayaking has become in his life.
I think it's easy for many of us, myself included, to forget how powerful our sport can truly be.
Being "On The Water", and doing one's best to move across it as effortlessly as possible, can be life enriching, and sometimes, a life saving experience.
I really love sharing these deeper kinds of insights about what we all love to do, so please read on... brent
Hi Brent, my name is Doug Larson and I spoke with you Friday on the
> phone. I tried sending you a message about my restorative therapy with
> kayaking but I don't think it went through (probably because it was
> too long). Anyway to keep it short, 3 years ago I broke my neck and
> was paralized from the neck down in a mountain bike race. 3 surgeries
> later I can walk and have feeling back although I have chronic neck
> pain and some neuropathy. I also suffer from depression and anxiety to
> the point that I was quite suicidal. 23 electric shock treatments,
> numerouse hospitalizations and countless medications were not cutting
> it. In a pain management program I found that I could paddle a kayak
> in gentle conditions with only a small amount of pain.
> It was wonderful and brought me great joy that had been devoid in my
> life for almost 2 years. I feel paddling has in many ways probably
> saved my life and given me something positive to work towards. Your
> forward stroke clinic dvd is wonderful and lets me strive to become a
> better paddler. Furthermore it keeps me mindful and in the present
> only thinking of proper technique instead of dark thinking. Thank you,
> thank you, thank you. I hope you too continue to recover from your
> heart surgery. I hope to one day actually come out and take your
> class. Until then happy kayaking!
> Sincerely,
> Doug

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