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Merry Christmas to ALL

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Just a quick note to let everyone know Wildsprint is Alive and Well.
I know, it's been way to long since my last update, no excuses other than I prefer to Be On The Water than On The Computer...but that will never change, so here's a quick update:

This Summer and Fall were spectacular for racing. I had not seriously put the hammer down for over 2 years due to my little open-heart surgery adventure, and Boy, it feels GREAT to be trained up and going pretty-well again.
Well, it DID feel that way...I must admit that the winter short hours of daylight, chilly temps and numerous bout's with a really nasty-strain of "the common cold" has seriously put a damper on the Training and Racing...I guess it's sort of a hibernation period for Brent, but that just makes coming back on all the sweeter!

Had GREAT results (from my perspective) at The Wildside Relay with my partner Chris Stout up in Oregon this Summer.
Followed that up with super races, that even surprised me, in the Pre National Champ's Race and The Official National Champ's Race in San Fran Bay a month later, in Aug.
Chaulked up a smok'n preformance in the Wave Chaser Race at Half Moon Bay, CA toward the end of the season...So Really Happy with 2011 results!

I had wondered how the First Year Back was going to treat me, and I am nuth'n but Jacked About It!

Hope you all have a GREAT CHRISTMAS, Cheers, brent

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So sad to hear about your heart surgery and happy Christmas and New Year. Hope this new year also enjoy..

Posted by Karn  on  01/02   at  12:34 AM

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