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Tom is pushing for an EAST COAST Clinc

Saturday, January 24, 2009
Hey, anyone out there interested in putting together 16 folks for an East Coast Weekend Clinic? Let me know! Hi Brent,

I just purchased your "Forward Stroke Clinic" video and absolutely love it.
I have learned so much watching it, and would love to follow up with a clinic, but I notice from past year's schedules that none of your clinics are on the East Coast. Do you plan on any clinics for 2009 in the NY - NJ area? If not, are there any clinics that you would recommend in this area?
In addition to improving my forward stroke, I would like to learn the technique for a wing paddle.

Thank you,

Thanks for your kind words about my film Tom. I hope it helps you to enjoy the sport that has given so much to me...
Regarding East Coast Clinics, I do not have anything set up out that way. The issue continues to be the ability to cover costs of getting there. If you or your Friends, Clubs or Paddling Shops, would like me to do a Clinic, out that way, feel free to contact me and maybe we can work out the details.
As far as clinics in your area, all I can suggest is to look up Kayak Symposiums in your area and go attend them. Maybe that will generate some more specific info. Cheers and thanks again for your kind words, brent reitz

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