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Monday, June 30, 2008
Hi All: Just decided to post my first "For Sale" note here on my Website:
I have an Epic V-10-"L" for sale, (that's a surfski for those of you wondering...). It's the "Ultra" Model, so it's the lightest one Epic makes that us mere-mortals can afford, and she is in excellent condition. The "L" stands for "Low Volume", which simply means it's designed for the Average Sized to the more Petite-Sized Paddler. The Original V-10 was clearly designed for the "Full Figured Man", and us normal sized dudes (150 - 180 pounders) can't really sink the original one the water deep enough, at least that's my opinion. The "L" however delivers nicely in this regard. The other reason I picked the "L" over the original, is that the seat is moved forward, and I always like that in a Surfing-Type boat. I've owned her a tad over a year (New last May), and have Had A Blast! She is white with a red stripe, has adjustable foot pedals, toe straps, leash, bungee's, and all that "other" nice stuff! She is competition weight, very light, probably around 26 lbs or less, but I have not actually taken a scale to her...never figured a need to. She's plenty light...When I figure out how to post a photo on this site, I will. I've been asking $2,850.00 to date on the other surfski websites, but have decided to drop the price to $2700. This price includes a brand new canvas boat bag as well. So, if you are interested, call my cell at 831 277 7897. Cheers, brent

Brent I would love to buy your V10 L but have just done so in Sydney and must say that I am completely sold on it. I improved my PB the other day by 30 mins! This was due to a great new Kayak (cost me the same as what you are asking and that was a good deal) also a new wing paddle but primarily because a young coach in Singapore told me that I had no twist and no leg drive.

Hmm, I said, what are those. I had been paddling for twenty years. I invested in your forward stroke video and watched it a thousand times, then raced the following week and blew them all (and myself) out of the water.

I am actually surfing the web to try to find when and where you do your lessons as I will be in Monterey next year for a conference around June and, from what I have seen on your videos, you are an unbelievable teacher (that comes from an educator who can recognise one when he sees one)

That video is brilliantly constructed but I want the lessons and something like a few days tour around that area (if you do those) - hope to catch up one day.

Good luck with the sale. Anyone listening here - if you can buy it, do so.
Posted by Westley  on  07/03   at  04:13 PM
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