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Friday, March 23, 2007
(This note comes from a past forward stroke kayaking student. Enjoy! brent)

Hey Brent, so good to hear from you! Considering I'm thinking of, and referencing our lesson, as well as the Margaritas, I'm embarrassed for not following up with you earlier. Please except my apologies.

Anyway here is the update....Yes, first time in Black Burn history the race was cancelled (FOG). I understand there was a new head of the Coast Guard who in my opinion was overly cautious. Although to be fair, it was like Pea Soup. The first 3.5 miles are in a canal leading out to the Atlantic, so they did hold 6-7 mile race in the canal....half of the entrants were still around once they made the decision to have the abbreviated race. There was a lot of pent up and pissed off paddlers, so it was just a free-for-all sprint! My buddies and I were more exhausted after this 6mi race than last yr’s 20mi Black burn. Totally lost focus on everything you taught me.

3 weeks later there was a 15-mi race on Long Island Sound (lighthouse to lighthouse, L2L)....leading up to it my training totally focused on your lesson and I was starting to make improvement. 5 days prior, I bought the v10 Sport, so I was more focused on staying on the ski than technique. Race day - 25-35mph headwinds for first half of race...4 miles into the race, the Coast guard cancelled the event. East coast wimps! Given my instability I wasn't 2 upset.

The last race was the inaugural Mayors Cup around NYC, 29mi. (you have to come up for it next year)... the week prior, I finally felt like my timing and technique was all coming together and felt great on the ski. Event day was beautiful fall day and felt great. After 15 miles I felt great and although miles behind Barton and Glickman, I was in third place, relaxed and having fun. Two more miles under the Triborough Bridge I jumped on a ships wake and was getting a lot of help when my rudder Pedal cracked at the hinges…no chance of fixing and was done for the day. Coast guard took me the rest of the way home.....although disappointed, I was thrilled that I finally put your teachings to practice and was too caught up in the day’s excitement to be upset. Next yr, Jim

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