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Raul is seeking Kayak Knowledge All The Way From Sweden!

Friday, April 18, 2008
Here's an international friend looking to Tune Up His Stroke... Raul, Thanks so much for the kind words about my film. Sounds like you need to continue to do some more training in your WARM Living Room!
Have fun in your race this summer, and I hope my DVD helps you enjoy your race to it's fullest!
Cheers & Here's a Big Thank-you all from The USA to SWEDEN!

Hallo Brent.
I gor the dvd two days ago and whe love it. Now i am eager to try. But
the ice has just left the river and it´s still ice on the lakes. I dont
want to svim in that water just yet grin .
I am 55 years old and a will take part in my first adventure race at the
end of july. Some of us never give up, do we wink .

Brent Reitz skrev:
Raul, Check out and let me know if they ship overseas. I can
also do some more checking for other suppliers that do overseas
Let me know if this works or if you need more help. Cheers and
Thanks, brent reitz

dear sir
My name is Raul L. and i live in Sweden. Vhere can i buy the DVD
"Forward Stroke Clinic Video for Kayaking"?

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