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Lot’s ‘O Fun @ Half Moon Bay Clinic

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Half Moon Bay Kayak Clinic was another Great One! We had a blast in Half Moon Bay this past Sunday, April 9th. California Canoe & Kayak always puts on a great show in Half Moon Bay! I even got to jump up on stage with my harmonicas, as John Lull invited me to play with him at the local pub that evening! I was a bit concerned about all the rain us soggy Californians have been slogging around in for the class tho. From my standpoint, not a big deal for paddling, but YES a big deal for Mark Burk my videographer! He was undaunted tho, and Low & Behold...The Weatherman Was WRONG! NOAH Weather called for 70% chance of showers, but we ended up paddling in (some) Sunshine instead! Looking forward to seeing those of you who are coming to the San Diego May 6 & 7th Clinics. Always a blast down there too! Cheers, b

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