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Killer Whales at POINT BLANK RANGE Yesterday!

Thursday, June 05, 2008
Hey All: Just a quick News Flash about the exploits of my undaunted and “very whale-infatuated” Training Partner, Mike McNulty along with FOUR Large and Rowdy Orcas!

Mike, on an afternoon paddle right off the Moss Landing, CA, not far from the Harbor-Mouth, went searching for Humpbacks…as he loves to do. No Hump’er’s, but low and behold a Large Dark Fin! Knowing Mike's Love for Whales, he no doubt headed “TOWARD” the Fin, vs. any typical Mere Mortal’s reaction, which would likely be to “Move Away From The Fin”…To Mike’s somewhat “shaken” surprise, (as he reported to me via Cell Phone from the Moss Landing Parking Lot…with a bit of a quiver in his voice), A very Large Orca surfaced about 25 feet away. (But Wait There’s More To Come!), next a “herd” of THREE MORE Surfaced in perfect Side-By-Side Formation, not more than 10 – 15 feet away from his Huki Surf Ski…(It Gets Better Yet!!), Pointed STRAIGHT AT HIM! Yikes….He told me they dove directly under his boat, then (HERE IT COMES!!!), they Re-Surfaced in exactly the same incredible formation and, (YOU GOT IT!!!!), CAME RIGHT BACK AT HIM AGAIN….Super-Yikes! Anyway…just another sleepy day at Moss…I thought I’d share with all of you…Cheers, brent

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