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Back In The Saddle Again! - Spring ‘11 Update

Saturday, April 02, 2011
Hey All: Been Off The Blog for a bit, but have a ton of great stuff to report:

First and foremost, as some of you know, I under went open heart surgery a year ago in March. Since then I’ve been training & have competed in 3 ocean races: Ran the ol’ Ticker up to MAX and ended up not only Feel'n Good, but having pretty great finish-results to boot! So back in the saddle and rearing ta go!

Second, Forward Stroke Clinic Bookings are flying-in! I guess The Spring get’s folks brushing off the snow, and digging about for their paddling gear in the garage or closet! If you are interested in having me come teach for your shop, club or group; or have me speak & do a Dry Land Class at a symposium or event, just drop me a line.
I’ll post my clinics here and also on the “Clinics” page. So far this season I’ll be teaching @:
Half Moon Bay, CA
Fort Bragg-Mendocino, CA
Vancouver, BC Canada
Santa Barbara, CA
The "LIfe's Good Schedule" is:
May 28 & 29, Santa Barbara (plus another later one TBD).
June 11 & 12, Deep Cove Kayak Clinic, Vancouver BC
July 17 CCK Half Moon Bay
July 29 - 31 WILDSIDE RELAY, Hood River, OR (CRAZY RACE on the GORGE!)!
Aug 20, CCK Half Moon Bay
Sept 24 - 25 MENDO

Third, Check out the DVD “trailer” that, “with a little help from my friends”, I FINALLY figured out how to get up on this site…Also, I was able to dig out an OLD piece of professionally shot VHS footage of Wildwater Racing, turned it into a DVD…and posted here as well. Go to that page and Check Out the ACTION!

Lastly, my band BAD HABITS have been getting some bookings this spring as well. Go to the Website and check out our new Dates and TEE-SHIRTS at If you want one, let me know! You can send me a message right from that site too. If you are around, please drop in to catch the show. I always love to see my paddling friends at our gigs! Here are our gig-dates so far:
4/29/2011 Fog Bank, Capitola, CA BAD HABITS Gig
5/14/2011 Fog Bank, Capitola, CA BAD HABITS Gig
6/03/2011 Fog Bank, Capitola, CA BAD HABITS Gig
6/04/2011 Private Party, “June B-Day’s Party” BAD HABITS Gig

Okay: Let’s All Get Together and Let The Good Times Roll!
See ya On-The-Water. Cheers, brent

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