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Monday, June 13, 2011
Wow, what an interesting and Fantastic Paddling Neighborhood you have up there!

First off, your hospitality was really great and I appreciated being treated like “family” in my group of new paddling friends.

Second, what an incredible paddling-community! I don’t think I’ve been anywhere in North America that has such a thriving paddling environment as in Vancouver, BC. With the weekly Deep Cove Tuesday Night Races as the hinge-pin, the level of interaction, friendships and desire to Get Out On The Water was unsurpassed in any of my teaching-adventures. The sheer number of people who are deeply interested in becoming stronger and more efficient paddlers blew me away! Paddling has become a way of building new friendships, as well as, breeds a healthy sense of “friendly competition” that pushes folks to stay Healthy & Happy! You have something special up there folks, keep it going!

I want to thank not only the 16 students who attended my classes over this past weekend, but also a heartfelt thank you to Bob, Morgan and Seth Putman for taking me into their home and treating me like family during my teaching engagement this weekend. Also all the folks at Deep Cove Paddling Center and Store for their support in making these clinics happen as well.
Feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have about what we covered this past weekend. Also feel free to shoot me out any comments I might want to put up for others to read here on my site.

Cheers, and one more BIG Thank You to all of you up in Vancouver, you Live & Paddle in a truly special place.
I am already looking forward to my next visit, brent

Headed up to Sacramento to teach Kayaking tomorrow (4.19.08 at “O-Dark-Thirty AM!”)

Friday, April 18, 2008
Hi All: Just a note to let you know I'm headed up North-ish to Rancho Cordova (Sacramento Ca Area) to do another clinic for California Canoe & Kayak tomorrow morning. Check out my "Clinic Page" for calendar updates, or go to to check out their classes . Folks are HUNGRY for their Forward Storke Training up @ Lake Natoma! I hear there's a waiting list, so I better schedule another one up there soon!
Come this Memorial Day Weekend, Madison Wisconsin @ Rutabaga is next on the schedule . Check out their classes at
I'll be booking more dates soon, so keep your eyes on the websites if you are interested in signing up. Hope to see ya On The Water Soon. Cheers, brent

Raul is seeking Kayak Knowledge All The Way From Sweden!

Here's an international friend looking to Tune Up His Stroke... Raul, Thanks so much for the kind words about my film. Sounds like you need to continue to do some more training in your WARM Living Room!
Have fun in your race this summer, and I hope my DVD helps you enjoy your race to it's fullest!
Cheers & Here's a Big Thank-you all from The USA to SWEDEN!

Hallo Brent.
I gor the dvd two days ago and whe love it. Now i am eager to try. But
the ice has just left the river and it´s still ice on the lakes. I dont
want to svim in that water just yet grin .
I am 55 years old and a will take part in my first adventure race at the
end of july. Some of us never give up, do we wink .

Brent Reitz skrev:
Raul, Check out and let me know if they ship overseas. I can
also do some more checking for other suppliers that do overseas
Let me know if this works or if you need more help. Cheers and
Thanks, brent reitz

dear sir
My name is Raul L. and i live in Sweden. Vhere can i buy the DVD
"Forward Stroke Clinic Video for Kayaking"?

Headed Off to Half Moon Bay this morning for another Kayak Clinic!

Sunday, April 13, 2008
Hi All: Just a note to let you know I'll be teaching in Half Moon Bay today and then off to Sacramento next Sat for a Clinic. If anyone's interested in checking-out the LIVE version of the Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic DVD "come on into the club!"! Check out availability at, cheers, brent

Thank you to ALL, for yet Another Wonderful & FUN Canoecopia of Kayaks and Canoes!

Monday, March 17, 2008
Thanks to all of you who supported me last week by attending CANOECOPIA, 08 and my Forward Stroke Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. Of course, for those of you who did attend, you were VERY thankful my demonstration was done in the comfortable confines of a nice-warm-conference-hall! For those of you where were NOT there,…Let me clue you in: The Temp on Sat Nite was 11 degrees Fahrenheit…yikes! Of course, my Midwest Friends are used to this, but this wimpy California-Boy had forgotten what that was all about!
I had two really great 1-Hour Presentations, complete with a few harmonica riffs as well as a Special Guest Appearance by Darren Bush on Guitar! Darren owns Rutabaga and is the Grand PU-BAH for Canoecopia every year. He and his trusty-staff seem to pull this incredible event off more smoothly each year. They never cease to amaze me and my hats are off to each and every one!
I have not heard the attendance numbers yet, but there are usually over 20,000 Paddlers (or Gonna-Be Paddlers!) strolling the isles over the 3-Day Weekend Event. Simply an unbelievable showing of New Gear, Great Deals, Great Paddling-Related Presentations, and New Smiling Faces, all “joined-by-the-hip by one kind of paddling discipline, or another!
I’ll be doing my Master’s Series; On-The-Water Class for 3-Days over this coming Memorial Day Weekend, so “Come-On-Down!” Find out how to sign-up to take this class in Madison WI, by going to and click on their “programs” link.

My next teaching trip is coming in a few weeks. On March 28 – 30, I head to San Diego…(probably NOT 11 degrees Fahrenheit!) for The Southwest Kayak Symposium. I just received word that both of my On-The-Water Classes have SOLD-OUT…but come on down anyway, as this is another excellent event for learning & connecting with other paddlers from all over The West. Again Super-Instructors from all disciplines and experiences will be there to share their knowledge. Not to Forget, the Great Saturday Nite BEACH BONFIRE JAM-SESSION that is always one of the highlights every season! So be sure to check out how to get involved on the web at Here's looking forward to another fun-season On-The-Water, Enjoy, brent

Back In The Kayaking Saddle for 2008! (Revised & UP-DATED on 2.22.08)

Saturday, February 09, 2008
Hi All: Sorry for “The Long Non-Update”…no excuses, just taking a break! However, no rest for the wicked, and I’m looking forward to “Rock’n Out” in 2008.
DVD Sales are still strong, EIGHT YEARS after being released! I guess you guys and gals out there in Paddle-World Like It. So, A BIG THANK YOU to all of my friends out there who are purchasing, and recommending, my film. Thanks Again!
I start off The Clinic Season in Madison Wisconsin teaching for Rutabaga at CANOECOPIA, The Worlds Largest Paddlesport Expo! This is the Granddaddy of all Paddlesports shows and features not only ALL the paddling gear any of you could imagine, but also a myriad of experts and masters of every kind of paddlesport-training you could imagine. The Presenter List is really incredible. Over 20,000 folks will attend this Expo. I’ll be speaking there Sat and Sunday, March 8th and 9th. Check out the event at
Local Clinics begin April 13th @ California Canoe & Kayak in Half Moon Bay Ca. Sign ups are now open on the CCK website at Click on the Classes-Bay Area link to sign-up!
Remote Clinics continue with another invitation to San Diego for the Southwest Sea Kayak Symposium,, this coming March 28, 29 & 30. Then another whirlwind trip BACK to Wisconsin, (this time after all the ICE is gone!) to teach 3 back-to-back Clinics for Rutabaga, May 24, 25 & 26, as part of their Master’s Series. Check out signing up @
Okay, well here's wishing you all Happy Paddling this new season! The wind's beginning to kick up here in Moss Landing and my surfski is "calling my name"! Gotta get out there and get some good rides before heading off to play a gig at the AT&T golf Tourney tonight! Cheers and "Keep On Rock'n" (or should I say "Paddl'n"!), brent reitz

Thanks For The Great Kayak Clinic Support!

Sunday, September 23, 2007
I't's Quarter-to-Six in the morning and I'm headed North to teach thanks to all of you responding to the short-notice about my clinic scheduled for this morning. I was able to fit in a clinic in Sept, (today!) and another in Oct (Oct 21st) for CCK up in 1/2 Moon Bay. Did not know if the short notice for this morning's clinic would allow a lot of you the time to sign-up, but evidenlty it did, cause I'm off to Teach just now! Thanks again for your great support and if you did not make this month's clinic, be sure to go to California Canoe and Kayak's website to sign up for the October one. Again, much thanks and it's always great to see the number of folks that are interested in becoming more powerful paddlers! Cheers, brent

Here’s a Note From California Canoe & Kayak re: my upcoming clinic in Half Moon Bay, CA

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
The U.S. Surfski National Championships are just around the corner. The last weekend in Sept. MOST of the TOP WORLD Ski Racers will end up on the San Francisco Bay to duel it out on American Waters. Go to for more details. This race is not just for the Superstars of the sport, it's still about challenging yourself and most importantly...Having FUN! If you'd like to "tune-up" for the event (or for paddling in general!), call Kenny or sign-up on their website. Lets go paddle together! Cheers, brent Even with all the training going on leading up to the US Surfski Championships at the end of the month, there is still time to improve your forward stroke!
Brent Reitz is holding a clinic at CCK Half Moon Bay on Sept. 23. This clinic focuses on the finer details of the forward stroke, with special attention given to the wing paddle. Brent Reitz, 6 time National Wildwater Champion, discusses stroke mechanics, body posture, boat dynamics, and more. We video and critique your stroke during the class and review the tape! Most of the clinic takes place on the water.
Remember, it's not pure strength, but good technique that's important! For more info on the clinic, Brent's bio, or to sign up, go to:

-Kenny Howell

Heres a Great Sounding Race to keep an eye on, or GO RACE IN!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I'm not going to make this kayak race, but it sounds GREAT and wanted to get the word out... Re: Phatwater Kayak Challnege, 2007:

Thanks Brent, I will look forward to next year and will keep you updated. Next year's race will be on the 11th of October.

At this time, we have this lineup for this year: Mike Herbert, Reid Hyle, and another from South Africa. He's ranked 10th in the world in some off-shore race (ski) out of Durban or Cape Town. Also, defending champ Shawn Wilber will be here, and the reining champ (time wise) Wim Nouwen will be here, we think, in an Epic V-10. We also have captured the attention of some other notable ski paddlers from California, Texas, and Minnesota, so the field should be "hot". Still haven't heard from Pete Green, but we hope he will make it.

As to other business, we love your "Forward Stroke" video and would like to purchase six copies as give-aways for this year. We are also giving away six of Justine Curgeven's "This Is The Sea" DVD.

I will place an order tomorrow

Keith E. Benoist
Phatwater Kayak Challenge

New Kayaking Clinic Date for Fall 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Hey all, just wanted to let you know that my schedule has freed up to allow for a clinic on Oct 21, 2007. (Sorry for the break in Aug.) I'm also available for a Stroke Clinic on Sept 23, but due to short notice, we need YOU to let California Canoe and Kayak know you are interested! If you would like to sign up for a clinic on the Sept Date, please contact Kenny Howell and let him know right away! Kenny's email address is Depending on response, we may or may not, hold this clinic. To sign up for the Oct 21 Clinic, go to and click on the INSTRUCTION pages to find my clinic-listing. I'll be teaching in Half Moon Bay California. Cheers and hope to see you this Fall, brent

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