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WildSide Relay in Hood River Oregon…is WILD!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011
Hi All, Just a quick update to tell you How Much FUN I had in Oregon two weekends ago...
The Event is called the Wild Side Relay.
It happens on The Columbia River, in The Gorge.
The Race is UPSTREAM...yes I said UP-stream, using the unique condition of mild down-stream current smashing into Serious UP-Stream Wind...creating LOVELY SURFING WAVES...UP RIVER...NUTS!
Even more crazy is that throughout various sections of the course, you get the added challenge of driving your speeding surfski through SWARMS of Wind Surfers and Kite Boarders...which is particularly nerve-wracking, as, of course, these Swarms...overtake you in the most Crazy Sections of the river!!
Regardless of all that crazy-ness...The competitors came from all over the Western Seaboard from Vancouver Canada to Northern Ca.
And the beer does not get much better than all the Brew-Pub knowledge that happens in that neck of the woods! Yummy!!!
It's a great FUN event leading up to THIS WEEKEND's BIG RACE...The National Surfski Championships, in San Francisco Bay!
I wanted everyone to know, from JD the race-organizer, to all the folks who raced and supported us racers...that I had a great time and am sending a Big Thank You for The Good Time!
Chris Stout and I captured 5th place out of 40 total teams and feel like we had a good team-effort and result.
I don'k know JD's web-site address, but if you google Wildside Relay, you should find his site, (I think it's Pacific Northwest Outrigger...but not sure), and see results there!
Cheers, br

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