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NEW VENUE: Santa Barbara / Ventura Clinic was a SMASHING Success!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Hey All,

Just wanted to thank all of you who attended the 1st Santa Barbara / Ventura Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic!
What a great group of folks and a super Teaching-Spot in Ventura!

It's also pretty clear there are a ton of other folks who live down there, who are interested in learning how best to move their boats efficiently. If you are one of them, let me know!
I'd like to get another clinic on the books quickly while there are still weekends available on my calendar.

I've already received several positive "testimonials" from my students who took the clinic this past Sat, May 28, and will be posting them on this site soon.
They are already looking forward to a return-clinic later this season to see how well the technique-changes have improved their power as well as to continue fine-tuning their stroke.

So, if you are interested in putting together a clinic and you live in the that neck of the woods, drop me a line.
And for anyone who would like me to return, let's discuss and I'll make it happen!

Cheers and Happy Paddling, brent

Had a GREAT Race In Santa Barbara, Looking forward to my Upcoming Clinic(s) there End of May!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Hi All: Just a quick note to let you know I met some really great folks in the SUP / Paddleboard / Surfski event in Santa Barbara a few weeks back. The word is they are planning a Davenport to Santa Cruz Event this summer as well...Now THAT should be Interesting!

I just got word from the Folks up in Vancouver that my class on Sat may be completely booked at this point, but there are some remaining spots for Sunday's COME ON UP! Can't wait to teach in that neck of the woods!

Santa Barbara Clinic is just around the corner. Check it out by contacting Santa Barbara Paddlesports!

Okay, gotta run and am looking forward to seeing ya all On-The-Water! brent

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