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“HEY, Which Way to the Start-Line? It’s been A LONG Time!”

Saturday, October 16, 2010
Hi All: Just a note to connect the dots of my crazy medical-adventure with the circular journey of Racing "silly little boats"... I'll be entering my first Surfski race in over two years...Tomorrow...Nice! This is a fairly momentous occasion because ever since my doc's diagnosed my heart condition and subsequent surgery & recovery program...I've been relegated to "non-competitive exercise"...aka "NO STARTING LINES FOR YOU MISTER". So, tomorrow will be the beginning of the Next Chapter for me. I'm really looking forward to being out there in the pack again...It's been way too long.

So tomorrow is the Seatrek Regatta held in Sausalito, CA, on the San Francisco Bay. The course is from Seatrek Kayaking Center out to Alcatraz, back around Angle Island, down thru Raccoon Straights, and back home to Seatrek via Richardson Bay! SeaTrek is a race that I entered the very first year I moved to California from Colorado...way back 22 years ago (Jeeze!). I'm really happy that my recovery and training has pointed me in the direction for my first "re-entry" race toward this one. The Seatrek Regatta and I go back a long time. That course is an old-friend of mine!

Thanks to all my fiends who have sent me such good wishes, as I'm convinced your friendship has helped me Get Back in the Fold!

Cheers, brent

(I can already hear "Racers Ready....BANG"...!)
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Sounds great fun! wink

Posted by D  on  10/23   at  02:00 AM

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