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A GREAT BIG Thanks to my Friends up in Bellingham WA!

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Hi All: Just wanted to take a moment to thank Larry Goolsby and my 20 Students (guys & gals), who set-up and attended my Forward Stroke Clinics last weekend. Wow, what a great bunch of paddlers and super-nice people as well! This was a special "racing clinic" as it was comprised of 100% Surfski!!! A little different than most of my clinics geared toward the more Touring oriented paddler. The key concepts are the same tho, so the learning curve is not as steep for those "experienced" paddlers, but the level of detail and the results some of those minor changes bring, can be very rewarding as the racing season rolls along. Of course trying to "un-learn" ingrained paddling movements becomes a greater challenge to the experienced paddler than the newer one. However, once you get the New movement locked in, it will be come second-nature and your off and running! Please remember to WALK before Running tho folks...

Anyway, Just wanted to tell you guys & gals how much I enjoyed having the opportunity to both teach & meet all of you! Cheers, brent
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Thanks Brent! I'm actually planting the blade now before rotating, thanks to your tips... a great class!

Posted by Jeff Hegedus  on  07/18   at  11:49 AM

Right back at you Brent. Thanks for a great clinic. I've been faithfully practicing my chicken winging and salmon spearing.

Posted by John Rybczyk  on  07/17   at  11:50 PM

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