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TEACHING TOMORROW!  R.E.I. Dry-Land Session in Marina store @ 1 PM Sat

Friday, April 30, 2010
Hi All,

Tomorrow, Sat May 1st, I'll be doing an On Land Clinic out in front of the R.E.I. Store in Marina, Ca @ 1pm...Come On Out!

I'll be going over the mechanics of an efficient Kayaking Forward Paddling Stroke. This is a very quick and easy way to get the basic concepts of how best to move a boat across the water early-on in the season!

Sorry for the short notice, but I contacted R.E.I. to volunteer to do this clinic once I discovered that they will be having an Entire PaddleSport Event there tomorrow. My clinic will dovetail nicely for all the folks interested in paddle-sports of all kinds!

R.E.I. carries copies of my DVD "The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic" at their store, should you be interested in a more in-depth way of understanding the most efficient mechanics of how to move your boat best, and in-turn Have MAXIMUM FUN!

Remember, My motto is: "Paddling is More Fun, the Less Tired You Are!" So come on out to Marina R.E.I. on MAY DAY and let's have some fun! brent

“Anticipate Teaching AGAIN early This Summer. So if you’d like a Clinic, LET ME KNOW!”

Friday, April 23, 2010
Hello All: As you may have noticied on some of the eariler posts in my Home Page, I've be out on a Medical Adventure since Feb, 2010. Feel free to scroll thru the Home Page and you'll understand more...

I'm awaiting final-word from my Doctors about when I can Get Back On The Water Again, and I intend to start-up Clinics as quickly as possible once given their "Go-Ahead". I anticipate being able to Teach starting in the JULY Timeframe.

If you are interested in either; TAKING A CLINIC, or would like me to PUT ON A CLINIC, please feel free to contact me here, or call 831 277 7897 for more details. I intend to Teach as much as possible this Summer, so if you are interested, I'd appreciate if you'd let me know!

Take Care and See Ya On The Water, brent

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that's a bloody freaking perfect idea..!!!

Posted by Demet  on  04/24   at  01:19 AM

A TIP for Craig after Video Review that should be helpful to Others…

From: Craig
To: Brent Reitz
Subject: Re: 2009 Wildside relay Video


Thanks for taking the time to look at the footage and the feedback. What you say makes sense and is the area of the forward stroke I am most confused about. I have noticed myself while looking at my footage it appeared I was finishing the stroke further away from the boat than I thought I should. Also the pause before the catch has always been a struggle for me to get a good feel for. I will focus more on these areas and hopefully dial them in before I get too old to grip a paddle!


The two areas you have noticed yourself having difficulty with, are two areas where MOST EVERYONE has difficulty…The TORSO-PAUSE is the most important of the two to connect with, so let's discuss that one here:

A tip to think about getting the “pause” going to your advantage, is to really not think of it like “a pause” with anything other than Your Torso! The Hands, Shaft, Blade…everything else keeps moving on a constant, but you need to hold-back the recoil of The Torso a split second, to allow the all of Those Other Moving Parts enough time to engage with the water fully…Specifically burying the blade fully and as far forward as is natually possible. The Torso-Pause may come to you easier if you think about the movement in these terms.

Once you get that movement ingrained, it becomes as automatic as your current movement is now. Let’s work on that one first, and remember to ask me about the “finishing too far away from the boat-thing” when we see each other next. Cheers, brent

One Month out of Hospital and Recoverng Well!

Friday, April 09, 2010
Hi all: Just a quck update to let you know the Recovery Process is moving along "swimingly"! Some ups and downs as expected, but all in all I am very pleased at how I'm feeling and getting back-to-speed. Lots of WALKS...Jeeze, I can't wait to get back In-The-Water, but that will need to wait for a few months yet...I tried riding my bike one day instead of walking for exercise, (please don't tell the my Cardiologist!), but within about 10 min, decided that was pushing the envolope when thinking about all that's been invested in this chest of mine, and decided quickly to Step Off The Bike! (Not the greatest idea just yet!). However, the walks have increased in lenght and now I'm pushing 5 1/2 miles at a shot and averaged +/- 3.6 mph, So things are good.

On a padding note, I'd like to embed a video my friend Craig Tannner did of a Surfski workout he did in Benica on The Shipping Channel. I feel like he did a good job on the production of the film and it "starts" to give a non-surfskier the "feeling" of how wonderful it is to link-up wave-ride after wave-ride. Enjoy and feel free to send me a COMMENT from Comment-Section of this site! Cheers and Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement, brent

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Hi Brent! Thanks for the update. It has been almost a month since your last one. Sounds like you are doing great - as I knew you would. Glad to hear you are being wise in your recovery choices. Love the video. Is he really…

Posted by Karen Birach  on  04/14   at  12:03 AM

A TIP for Craig after Video Review that should be helpful to Others…

read it all here...

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