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Feeling a little better

Sunday, February 28, 2010
Hi All,
Its really been a long day for Brent. He is still somewhat nausious and uncomfortable. He's been walking around quite a bit trying to get all systems going and it seems to be getting better for him. He no longer has any fever so thats really great. His chest is starting to get sore and it's painful to cough, but his lungs are still pretty clear. YEA!!! He's eating Salmon tonight and is doing better. I think he may be somewhat disappointed that he isnt feeling as well as he would like to be, but thats pretty normal for someone who holds such high expectations of himself....thats Brent right!! Were hoping tomorrow will be a gentler day for him and he will feel better. Thats it for now, talk to you all in the morning.....donna
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Brent This is the hard part now. Many of my friends are praying for this pain to subside. Wish I could be there but I know they are taking good care of you at Stanford. Sara and Joe ,the kids and David all send their…

Posted by Aunt Nancy  on  03/01   at  08:24 AM

Donna, thank you for the updates, they are fantastic! Brent my friend - keep it up, you are doing unbelievable work! Karenann

Posted by Karen Birach  on  03/01   at  12:52 AM

Good morning

Hi All,

Just saw Brent....he's not so chipper today sad to say. He has been moved to a step-down ICU unit, which is alot less chaotic, and a lot more quiet. He is fighting the nausea from the pain meds and is really uncomfortable, tired, and worried. He has a low grade fever, but the nurse explained it as a natural occurrence that tells them he needs to get up and walk. He has all the lines, except for his pic lines, out of him. The catheter is out too. Yea!!. He went for his first walk this am. It was tough/weird he said, but afterward he felt better and his fever subsided. He isn't very social today, but who is when they are sick to their stomach, let alone after heart surgery!!! None the less, he is really doing well and is still the Star Student....and the brightest star in our lives. He needed to rest after a short visit, we hope he's up to watching the hockey game this afternoon with us.....but its all about whatever it takes to keep him comfortable and on a smooth recovery. Thanks again for all the support and well wishes....donna
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Hi Brent,

Glad to hear your surgery went well. Sounds like an amazing procedure. Everyone on Pleasant Ridge is thinking of you and hoping you recover quickly. Thanks Donna, for keeping us all informed.


Posted by Cindy (Meudt) Klusendorf  on  02/28   at  08:13 PM

Hi Brent,
Still sending prayers and angels your way. Hang in there!! Thanks for the updates Donna!

Posted by Diqua  on  02/28   at  07:30 PM

I am thinking about you kb and love you very much!
Can't wait to hear your voice,
xo qb

Posted by Heidi  on  02/28   at  06:11 PM

Looking good

Saturday, February 27, 2010
Hi All,

Brent is doing exceptionally well. He is the "Star Student"....thats what his nurse calls him, so its all good with me. He is off most of his pain meds, so he is getting some sorness of the chest now. His respritory system is really clear and his breathing is getting stronger. He is very tired and we can only visit for ~15 min. and then he lets us know thats enough. His body has gone through quite a trama, rest is the best medicine right now. I really dont have alot to report as we really cant see him that much and not untill atleast 10 am so thanks for the patience waiting for the updates. Thats it for the night, I will talk to you all in the AM. Rest well everything is really great here. donna
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Donna, that is wonderful news...all the best...Fred

Posted by Fred  on  02/28   at  09:30 AM

Brent, Don, and Donna,

I am so glas all went so well. And i am not all surprised brent is a "star student!" Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress and send him our love.

Brad and Diane

Posted by brad  on  02/28   at  08:28 AM

Way to go Brent!!!!!! Just like we talked about, I knew you would be the star patient! Keep it up my friend! Rest = repair, revival and rejuvination, so get plenty of it. Lots of love, K

Posted by Karen Birach  on  02/28   at  01:24 AM

What a wonderful day

Hi All,

Sorry this took so long to get up this am, but visiting hours arent until 10 am. When we arrived Brent was sleeping. His nurse, Elvi, told us he had been sitting in his chair and walking at bedside for the past 3 HOURS!!! Holy cow!!! can you believe it....fact, not fiction folks. He has already gotten a full meal of soup broth, jello, and orange sherbert (his all time favorite ice cream), and water. He looks great!! No noticable swelling or redness. The Dr's and nurses say he is doing incredibly well and are really satisfied with the procedure and his attitude and recovery so far. When he is unhooked from the drips, which may be today, he will be able to go for a walk around ICU. Hard to believe a person can be walking etc so soon after such a major surgery isnt it...He is in really great spirts and is doing really well with all of his breathing exercises. I think the biggest issue he will have is overdoing it.

Thank you all again for all of your concern and love, we all really appreciate it more that words can express. So....keep checking in. Every 2 hours we can go see Brent. We try to stick to the regular hours as we feel they are set up very specifically for a reason, and we certainly dont want to interfer with that purpose. Talk to you all soon,,,,,,donna

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Hey Brent,

Sent a get well ecard to your dad's email since we didn't have yours, so make sure you see that. Also, a very little birthday something is on the way. Very cool that you get back home - a new…

Posted by Kathleen & Teague Owings  on  03/03   at  02:28 AM

hey brent!
whewwww...... yipee!
life is good!

Posted by deb  on  03/02   at  02:21 PM

Brent, Even though I haven't seen you in awhile I was sure you'd come through surgery with flying colors. I'm so thankful things went really smooth and you're already on the mend.

I think you're doing a wonderful job with…

Posted by Betty Reitz  on  02/27   at  07:52 PM

Vents out/lights out!!

Friday, February 26, 2010
Hi All,

We just got to visit with Brent. He is ready to go home he SAYS!!! He said" Whats a few tubes?!". Can you believe that!! Joking just a few hours after open heart surgery. He looks great....I cant even begin to describe the emotions running around my brain and body! Sheer elation is a good one, but most of all Gratitude!! He was doing rowing type exercise movements when we walked in the door of his ICU room. His eyes are really pretty clear and bright. He squeezed our hands with his normal strength and just smiled that beautiful sorta crooked smile of his.....gotta love it!! I'm sure the "happy" meds are talking some too, but I don't care whats doing it....its great!! Well folks, that's it for the night. We are exhausted too. Talk to you all in the AM!! Ciao..donna
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Thats great news. Annie and I send our best.
Kiss him on the mouth and tell him it was from Me.
Love you guys,

Posted by demps  on  02/27   at  01:24 PM

YAHOO!!! Lots of love from the 'ol mining town crowd. Love, Light, and a new Life! dbm You know I've be thinking about you a ton. Thanks Donna for all your updates. They have all been so comforting.

Posted by di baby  on  02/27   at  11:19 AM

Way to go Brent (and family)!!!
Out'a the gate and on your way !
We're looking forward to seeing you soon !
Love, Dave+Jackie

Posted by dave+jackie  on  02/27   at  08:45 AM

A long Day

Hi All,
It certainly has been a long day...especially for Brent. He is in ICU and recovering really well. He is still ventalated and he is not liking that at all, but he is really alert. He recognized and understood us,
whether he will remember it, is another story. We will visit one more time at 8 PM, they should have the vent out by then and thats the way we want to see him before we leave. I can hardly believe how great he looks....he's totally blowing us away...incredible. All the Drs were in the room when we last saw him and they were all very happy with the surgery and really happy how alert he is already.! We are so relieved as I hope all of you will be too. Rest well and check in tomorrow. Im not sure if I will have the energy to blog anymore today....but feel free to check. Visiting hours are not untill 10 am. tomorrow so I wont have anything until after that.....thank you all for your support and love! donna
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Hi Donna, Uncle Don & Brent,

So glad to hear Brent is doing well!!! We have been praying for HIM!!!! We have also been praying for you (Donna and Uncle Don)!!! We love all of you so much!!! Can't wait to hear…

Posted by Sara  on  02/26   at  10:47 PM

Its a wrap

Hal-la-lu-ja....Just talked to the surgeon. Brent is all closed up, no more leaky valve without having to replace it.We are so happy and blessed that he had such a wonderful team of professionals here at Stanford. I am so impressed!! The communication and coordination of so many people is unbelievable. Thank you all.
We will be able to see him in ICU in about 30 min. I will post after that as well. Long and Strong!! donna
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So happy to hear everything went well. All my thoughts are with you during your recovery. Looking for your email address I came upon your harmonica video on youtube, unbelievable! As always you never cease to amaze me. I know…

Posted by Dave Burreson  on  02/26   at  09:05 PM

Yeah!!! That's Great News!!!!
Congratulations Brent!
I'm so glad you have the surgery behind you!!!!!
Thanks for the updates Donna!

Posted by Dawn Atwood  on  02/26   at  08:23 PM

That's great! Fantastic! Love you guys!

Posted by Heidi  on  02/26   at  07:06 PM

Smooth so far

The nurse just gave us another update. The Aorta has been successfully replaced and they are now re-attaching he coronary arteries to his heart. Amazing!! He has been totally stable, with a very healthy heart! We will get another update in about an hour. I will get the news to you just as soon as I get it folks. Thank you all for your unwaivering faith and love.
Speaking of which, I just wanted to thank our Mom, who has always had unwaivering love and faith and (for sure) alot of patience. She is amazing and has had to make probably the hardest decision in her life this past 2 week. Her husband, Red, just had double knee replacements....which is no small deal either. It just so happened that the timing is terrible, but she had to make the hard decision of staying with her husband, and caring for him in his time of need, knowing that Brent would have his Dad and Sister here caring for him in his time of need. Thank you Mom, we all know you would be right here if the circumstances allowed it.
So....stay tuned....more to come in about an hour. donna
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Thanks for the wonderful updates Donna! I am sending more angels to keep watch over Brent! I hope I have the opportunity to meet you sometime, and will keep checking for updates to see him out the other side safe, sound, and sane!

Posted by Dawn Atwood  on  02/26   at  04:57 PM

Thanks for the updates, Donna.
Keeping every one in Aspen informed.

Posted by Mike Kelly  on  02/26   at  04:43 PM

WOW! This is such good news! Thanks Donna for the updates. It is such a relief to know what is happening and that brent is doing well during surgery.

Jomama is an incredible woman-one to look up too, no doubt. She deserves…

Posted by Heidi  on  02/26   at  03:58 PM

Great News

The nurse just came out and gave us our first update. The Drs are going to be able to SAVE the valve!! Ya-Hoo!! Other than that, everything else is running smoothly. We will get another update in about 2 hours.....keep checking and keep the faith. Thanks again for all the love and support.....donna
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Very happy about the for the recovery...if you guys need anything just let me know...we are just down the street. Sending healing energy and love. Jane and Roger

Posted by Jane and Roger Edberg  on  03/02   at  03:41 AM

That's great news!
So, relieved that the surgery is going smooth.
xo heidi

Posted by Heidi  on  02/26   at  03:06 PM

That sounds great. Our prayers are with you.

Posted by Mike Inscho  on  02/26   at  01:56 PM

It Go Time

Its go Time!! We have the "A" Team today and Brent is in surgery as I am typing this. The morning went smooth and Brent is amazing. His surgery started at 8 am. and is about an 8 hour surgery. I will be updating this site as I get information. Thank you all for being such great friends and family....we are truley gratefull for all the support and love......thats it for now. Keep checking on us. donna
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Thank you Donna for your post this morning. We are keeping Brent in our prayers throughout the day and look forward to hearing more from you in the days to follow. Chris K.

Posted by Christine Krissoff  on  02/26   at  01:33 PM

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