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a BIG THANK-YOU to Bellingham Washington Surfski Paddlers!

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Wow, I had a great clinic up in Bellingham WA this past weekend ,(9/13/09), and I really wanted to extend a special note of thanks to the Men and Women that attended.

I've already been invited back for Spring Training! I look forward to passing on how best move a boat (in this case "how Quickly" to move a boat), across the water up there again soon!

Those of you who have taken my Clinic or have viewed my Film, know that I feel that a Strong Forward Stroke consists of the same combination of movements regardless of whether or not you are in a Touring Boat or Race Boat. This ended up being a specilized clinic, as it consisted of 100% Surfski Racers! I had a blast helping to feed their "Hungry Need for Speed", as well has had a really fun time doing so! Here's an email that DJ sent out descriping his experience at our clinic. (See below)

Cheers, brent

Feedback from Brent Reitz Clinic:

Today about ten on us took part in a paddling clinic coached by Brent Reitz. After reflecting on the clinic, I was VERY impressed with the class. As a paddler who formerly was a top US slalom racer (though I did not always feel like that while watching video today) for about a decade, I have worked with many national and international coaches. I would say Brent did a first class job articulating, selling, and teaching the forward stroke. Making the transition to a wing blade and onto the surf ski has been fun, but like many of you with different paddling backgrounds, I have not always had a clear concept of an efficient stroke for a ten-twenty-plus mile paddle/race. Brent did a GREAT job laying the foundation, working on improving common bad habits, and articulating some of the more subtle aspects of the paddlestroke. Talk has already started about getting him back up for a clinic in early spring for a touch up session, and hey, maybe a big wave trip to his neck of the woods would be worthwhile (maybe a Wildside “ Big Wave Clinic", US Champs Road Trip? hey, let me dream). I highly recommend Brent and big thanks to LG for being the organizer and video operator!

Iris Had a Great Class and told me I could share her feedback…

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Hi Brent,

thank you again for a great clinic yesterday! I went paddling out of Sea Trek today to practice, - it was great to feel the difference in my stroke and speed, never mind the power I had, dealing with the wind and current. Rotation comes easily it seems, chicken wings are getting there, the catch weeeelll, it needs some work. The elbow push was so much easier today. The exit - well I remembered that too at some point... . Too much fun - I am obsessed.

Steve told me about 'The Regatta' in October. Now that sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Happy paddling ~~~ iris

Next Clinic is Set for Mendocino!

Hi All: "MENDO" Here I Come!

I will be teaching my next Forward Stroke Clinic for Liquid Fusion Kayaking Way Up North in God's Country this coming Sept 26th...Come On Up! This will be a Great Time and I hear all you BASKer's will be in the neighborhood too. All the better! Come take my clinic on Sat, and Rock-Out (literally) on The Coastline, the following Sunday! Jeff is a wonderful host, as I've had the pleasure of working with him for years down in San Diego. He's moved his operation Northward and he loves it. Come join us in the beauty and camaraderie of The Hidden Coast; and learn how to Get the Most of your Stroke at the same time! Cheers and hope to see you soon, brent reitz

Iris Had a Great Class and told me I could share her feedback…

read it all here...

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