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Another Great R.E.I. Kayaking Clinic in Mountain Vew, Ca

Thursday, July 31, 2008
Wildsprint Image Thank you to all the R.E.I. Staff and Students for a GREAT "Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic" last night! We had 30+ Students show-up last night in Mountain View's R.E.I. Store. The Class was held in-and-among all the Kayak Gear, (Just to make me feel "at home"), and I felt it went extremely well. Thanks for all the attention and great questions from you students! I want to take a moment to thank R.E.I. for supporting Adventure Education. Sales and Training are a perfect marriage. Folks need to own the equipment to have Fun, however, it's clear that folks have MORE FUN when they understand how to use it. Being comfortable while performing your passion, makes all the difference. Knowledge and Experience lead to that Level of Comfort, and ultimately, All That FUN!. My Hat's Off to R.E.I. for taking a leading role in exposing Adventure Education to The Public!

NOTE: Many of you asked about taking my Full-Day Class that's held On-The-Water, in addition to the classroom-session. Currently I have not scheduled the next class, but I plan to soon. Please keep an eye on this website for information about future classes. If you are interested in attending an ON The WATER CLASS, please drop me an email for my consideration related to setting these next classes up.

To Close, I really enjoy being able to share what I know about how best to move a boat across the water with ALL of you paddlers, (or potential-paddlers), out there! Thank you for the opportunity to do so. Cheers, brent reitz
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Have you scheduled a class on the water yet. Let us know.



Posted by andrew  on  01/31   at  11:30 AM

Special Thanks to the R.E.I. folks @ MARINA , CA Store!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Just a note of thanks to both The Staff and My Students who attended my Forward Stroke Kayaking Clinic last night. I had a Blast! I sure hope you did too. I had 16 Students and The Staff kept "drifting" in and out as the evening progressed too. The R.E.I. Educational program is really great. It's so nice to have a Classroom to help folks LEARN how to Maximize Their FUN-POTENTIAL! (And I love passing that kind of stuff along!) Next R.E.I. Clinic is Next week in Mountain View, hope to see ya there! Cheers, brent

Upcomming Kayaking In-Store Clinics for R.E.I.!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Hi All: Come join me this month in Marina or Mountain View for presentations in their In-Store Classrooms....for FREE!
On July 22 I'll be in Marina (831) 883-8048, and July 30th Mountain View (650) 969-1938. The Workshop will begin at 7 pm.
Come On Down to REI this month and we'll work on some "virtual paddling"! I've been presenting this clinic for years @ Canoecopia, the largest Paddling Expo in the World, and it's amazing how much knowledge can be gained by "paddling INDOORS!" (not to mention some fun too!)

Cheers, brent
The write-up in the July R.E.I. Events Calendar and on their Web Pages goes like this:

Improve Your Kayaking Technique with the Brent Reitz Forward Stroke:

Paddling coach and six-time National Kayaking Champion, Brent Reitz has spent 30 years perfecting his technique for moving a kayak through the water. Join Brent for his Dry-Land Classroom presentation on the five key components of the paddle stroke, as featured in his how-to DVD, The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic. He’ll show you how to recruit your body’s core muscle groups, so that you can move your boat more efficiently, reduce your chances of injury and experience a greater sense of safety and enjoyment on the water.

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