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Time for a New Pony!

Monday, June 30, 2008
Hi All: Just decided to post my first "For Sale" note here on my Website:
I have an Epic V-10-"L" for sale, (that's a surfski for those of you wondering...). It's the "Ultra" Model, so it's the lightest one Epic makes that us mere-mortals can afford, and she is in excellent condition. The "L" stands for "Low Volume", which simply means it's designed for the Average Sized to the more Petite-Sized Paddler. The Original V-10 was clearly designed for the "Full Figured Man", and us normal sized dudes (150 - 180 pounders) can't really sink the original one the water deep enough, at least that's my opinion. The "L" however delivers nicely in this regard. The other reason I picked the "L" over the original, is that the seat is moved forward, and I always like that in a Surfing-Type boat. I've owned her a tad over a year (New last May), and have Had A Blast! She is white with a red stripe, has adjustable foot pedals, toe straps, leash, bungee's, and all that "other" nice stuff! She is competition weight, very light, probably around 26 lbs or less, but I have not actually taken a scale to her...never figured a need to. She's plenty light...When I figure out how to post a photo on this site, I will. I've been asking $2,850.00 to date on the other surfski websites, but have decided to drop the price to $2700. This price includes a brand new canvas boat bag as well. So, if you are interested, call my cell at 831 277 7897. Cheers, brent
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Brent I would love to buy your V10 L but have just done so in Sydney and must say that I am completely sold on it. I improved my PB the other day by 30 mins! This was due to a great new Kayak (cost…

Posted by Westley  on  07/03   at  04:13 PM

Killer Whales at POINT BLANK RANGE Yesterday!

Thursday, June 05, 2008
Hey All: Just a quick News Flash about the exploits of my undaunted and “very whale-infatuated” Training Partner, Mike McNulty along with FOUR Large and Rowdy Orcas!

Mike, on an afternoon paddle right off the Moss Landing, CA, not far from the Harbor-Mouth, went searching for Humpbacks…as he loves to do. No Hump’er’s, but low and behold a Large Dark Fin! Knowing Mike's Love for Whales, he no doubt headed “TOWARD” the Fin, vs. any typical Mere Mortal’s reaction, which would likely be to “Move Away From The Fin”…To Mike’s somewhat “shaken” surprise, (as he reported to me via Cell Phone from the Moss Landing Parking Lot…with a bit of a quiver in his voice), A very Large Orca surfaced about 25 feet away. (But Wait There’s More To Come!), next a “herd” of THREE MORE Surfaced in perfect Side-By-Side Formation, not more than 10 – 15 feet away from his Huki Surf Ski…(It Gets Better Yet!!), Pointed STRAIGHT AT HIM! Yikes….He told me they dove directly under his boat, then (HERE IT COMES!!!), they Re-Surfaced in exactly the same incredible formation and, (YOU GOT IT!!!!), CAME RIGHT BACK AT HIM AGAIN….Super-Yikes! Anyway…just another sleepy day at Moss…I thought I’d share with all of you…Cheers, brent

Half Moon Bay for June 8 has been RESCHEDULED to June 29th!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Hi All: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, California Canoe and Kayak and I have decided to shift the upcoming class @ Half Moon Bay, CA from this weekend to the Last Sunday of June. I'm looking forward to working with you then! Cheers and Happy Paddling, (Oh Yeah: There's Whales down here in Moss Landing Just Now!), brent

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