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Thank you to ALL, for yet Another Wonderful & FUN Canoecopia of Kayaks and Canoes!

Monday, March 17, 2008
Thanks to all of you who supported me last week by attending CANOECOPIA, 08 and my Forward Stroke Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. Of course, for those of you who did attend, you were VERY thankful my demonstration was done in the comfortable confines of a nice-warm-conference-hall! For those of you where were NOT there,…Let me clue you in: The Temp on Sat Nite was 11 degrees Fahrenheit…yikes! Of course, my Midwest Friends are used to this, but this wimpy California-Boy had forgotten what that was all about!
I had two really great 1-Hour Presentations, complete with a few harmonica riffs as well as a Special Guest Appearance by Darren Bush on Guitar! Darren owns Rutabaga and is the Grand PU-BAH for Canoecopia every year. He and his trusty-staff seem to pull this incredible event off more smoothly each year. They never cease to amaze me and my hats are off to each and every one!
I have not heard the attendance numbers yet, but there are usually over 20,000 Paddlers (or Gonna-Be Paddlers!) strolling the isles over the 3-Day Weekend Event. Simply an unbelievable showing of New Gear, Great Deals, Great Paddling-Related Presentations, and New Smiling Faces, all “joined-by-the-hip by one kind of paddling discipline, or another!
I’ll be doing my Master’s Series; On-The-Water Class for 3-Days over this coming Memorial Day Weekend, so “Come-On-Down!” Find out how to sign-up to take this class in Madison WI, by going to and click on their “programs” link.

My next teaching trip is coming in a few weeks. On March 28 – 30, I head to San Diego…(probably NOT 11 degrees Fahrenheit!) for The Southwest Kayak Symposium. I just received word that both of my On-The-Water Classes have SOLD-OUT…but come on down anyway, as this is another excellent event for learning & connecting with other paddlers from all over The West. Again Super-Instructors from all disciplines and experiences will be there to share their knowledge. Not to Forget, the Great Saturday Nite BEACH BONFIRE JAM-SESSION that is always one of the highlights every season! So be sure to check out how to get involved on the web at Here's looking forward to another fun-season On-The-Water, Enjoy, brent

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