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Jim now “See’s The Light”!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Jim is interested in racing his Kayak. He has some nice observations about different ways to get "the light to come on" when learning from my DVD! Dear Brent:

I watched your video several times and then put it to work on the water. One thing I wasn't getting was the pushing hand coming across the body. I thought I was doing everything right, but I kept finding myself punching straight down the hull of the boat, exactly what I wasn't suppose to do. I kept trying, but it wasn't coming together, so I gave up and tried one other thing you mentioned and that was to keep the blade vertical as long as possible. I figured I'd just try that. Guess what? My pushing hand came straight across my face. Sometimes you have to say it more than one way to get it across to boneheads like me. This was what worked for me.

I tried spearing the salmon. Very quickly, I discovered pain in my elbows, so I backed off to my old technique. The pain went away. Then I noticed that my stroke was actually quite good. I wasn't slapping the water or pushing air. My paddle was completely submerged when I put on the power. I figured that I had it right from the beginning. Cool!

The exit: I have an AT paddle, with a slight modified crank. I love this paddle. However, when I tried to find the right exit point, I found that it didn't seem to matter. The paddle exited flawlessly from any point. The only time I have an issue with my exit is when a steep wave hits at the exact point of exit. That's when I feel a "sticky" feel as the paddle seems reluctant to exit the water. Thoughts? Also, I'm eagerly awaiting my new wing from Patrick at ONNO Paddles in Hawaii. If you like, I'll let you know how that works.

Over all results: With my AT paddle and my extreme kayak by Current Designs, I would cruise at 5.2 mph. After watching your video, I'm cruising at 5.6. That's nearly a 7% increase. Today, I was paddling hard and checked my GPS. I wasn't going all out or anything, but I was doing what I'd call a hard cruise. My GPS said that my top speed was 6.6 mph. If that's accurate, HOLY COW! My all out top speed has increased too. I've hit 7.5 mph after tweaking my technique after watching your video. I can't wait to see the results after my wing arrives.



Kathy from The Pacific Northwest sez…

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Hi Brent,

I was in your Forward Stroke class at the Puget Sound Sea Kayak Symposium in Tacoma a few weeks ago. (I was in one of the classes with all women). My goal was to be able to keep up with all the 16-year old Boy Scouts that I'll be paddling with this summer. You said "Good Luck!" But I wanted to let you know that we went out last Saturday paddling for the day and I worked really hard on my efficient forward stroke, and I WAS OUT IN FRONT ALL DAY!!!!!! Before your class I was always lagging behind, but now I can keep up.

I was so excited. Plus, after practicing all day I finally got what you had said about paddling and getting the strength from your core (behind your belly button you said). I could feel it! It was great! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for such a great class.

Now I just have to decide if I should let the other Scouts in on the secret
- but then how would I keep up????


Kathy from The Pacific Northwest sez…

I was in your Forward Stroke class at the Puget Sound Sea Kayak Symposium in Tacoma a few weeks ago....

read it all here...

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