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Another GREAT Southwest Sea Kayak Symposium!

Monday, April 02, 2007
Special Thanks to my friends both New and Old in San Diego this past weekend. Man, what a GREAT event. Every year Jen and her staff @ Aqua Adventures throw a "Rock'n" Event! This year the instruction was Second-to-None! She had a literal Army of Highly Decorated BCU Coaches leading the charge. All the attendees were subject to some of the most dedicated paddling instructors in the world. They came from as far as Holland, Wales, Florida, NYC, Seattle and beyond. Some of the ACA Instructors came from the Pacific Northwest and beyond as well. In my classes alone, I had students from as far as Colorado, Arizona and Northern California. My classes went excellently. I once again was given the opportunity to enlighten 16 more paddlers...I LOVE it! The Campfire Party, (Which has become a focal-point of this Event & Party) turned into a great acoustic-jam with 4-Guitars, 1-Percussionist and 1-Harp Player (yours truly!)...At one point there were probably 60 or more folks huddled around a roaring Campfire on the Beach, singing and throwing back a few cocktails before retiring to their respective campsites...Each year Jen and her Staff at Aqua Adventures throw a great Show/Party that's filled with both Coaching, Product Info and Pure Paddler-FUN. I saw a bunch of Old Friends and made a great bunch of NEW Ones. Thank you to ALL who created and attended The Southwest Sea Kayak Symposium last weekend. It's a One-Of-A-Kind Paddling Event that I am both Proud and Honored to be part of. Cheers, br
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Yeah baby! Your class was a blast Brent. The ladies are loving my new stroke too;). So much giggles and so much fun. Thanks again for all your help.


Posted by Assad  on  04/06   at  04:22 PM

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