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Another GREAT training day in the Wild World of Moss Landing

Sunday, February 11, 2007
Today was filled with Rock'n Wind-Chop and a fairly good sized swell here in
my little world of Moss Landing California. Along with my normal "Dos
Amigos", Mike McNulty and Chris Stout, Craig Tanner drove all the way down
from Benicia to get some "Combat Training" out in the Open Water here @
Moss. We were pleasantly surprised upon cranking out of the harbor-mouth to
find a very confused and crazy sea..Most Excellent for Surfski'n and we had
a great workout! Paddled about 5 miles off shore and then rode the craziness
back home. Can't beat it! The Sun was shining and the wind was up, so Life
is Good! I hope you all had a productive weekend of training too. Here's to
Keeping the Right Side Up, all the best Brent.

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