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Zsolt’s Surfski Workout ROCKS!

Monday, January 29, 2007
Yesterday I attended one of the most productive Kayaking/Surfskiing workouts for a long time. Zsolt's workout in Sauslitio, CA Kick's Butt! It was a flashback to Olympic Sprint Training days for me. It was intense AND Fun! We had 9 guys and one woman, all on surfskis. Zslot had a coach-boat and driver. He also took video. We had an ass-kick'n sprint workout that focused on not only Speed but Technique as well. Then off to Carter and Sally's home to have our technique critiqued from the film. The Video Session was a special one-time item added. The Workout is the key ingredient for everyone to take advantage of. Everyone came away a Stronger and Smarter paddler! Zsolt holds these training sessions each Sunday at the Sea Trek Beach @ 9:30 am. If you want a taste of the Real Thing, head on over to Sauslito Sunday mornings! I do not have all the contact details for Zsolt, but you can follow the action by watching the Surfski Websites. He posts his upcoming workouts there. Cheers, and go join The Real Deal on Sundays! Brent

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