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Friday, November 10, 2006
Hello All, I've been busy teaching and training, but clearly NOT paying attention to my site.... ("My bad"!). Wildsprint has concluded teaching for this 2006 Season, with Many NEW Dates booked for 2007. Currently, most teaching escapades are scheduled through California Canoe & Kayak and you can check out the teaching dates on their site at (I'll post on this site soon...)
I raced with my training partner Chris Stout in the K-2 Surfski at the Nationals this summer, as well as, my annual attendance at Sea Trek's Regatta. Both results were satisfactory, given the amount of time I've been in the boat. Between Work, Musician (check out our site at & Kayak time has been a bit impacted!
I'm now the proud owner of a brand-spanking-new Epic V10-L "Ultra" and she is a very keen motivator for getting more time in on the water...What a GREAT boat! I'll be checking in more regularly from here on out! Chris, Mike and I will be training all winter, and I'll fill you all in on some of the BIG WATER DAYS out here this Winter!
Cheers and Keep On Strok'n, brent

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