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Sacramento Clinic was a BLAST!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Teaching The Forward Stroke Kayak Clinic for California Canoe & Kayak in Lake Natoma is always a pleasure. The Sun was HOT, The Facility is State Of The Art and the folks in my class were Great! Everyone was happy at the end of the day. Of course there are always those times throughout the day where I catch my students concentrating so hard that they need to be reminded that they are suppose to be having FUN! It's a good thing tho. I had beginners up through advanced intermeidate paddlers. No racers, but there was one woman on Huki Surf Ski. (Once she gets "the racing bug" it's hard to give it up!). This class was embraced by the Sierra Paddling Club, and it filled fast once they got wind I was coming to their area. Another interesting factor was that most of this class were women. They were turning to Kayaking as a low-impact sport that they planned to do for a very long time. Women understand that Technique is key to get the most beniifit from their muscle-mass. In many cases, a guy can have poor technique, but be able to move the boat quickly simply becasue he has more muscle-mass. A woman understands that she needs to "use what she's got", in it's most efficient manner, to get full enjoyment from her sport. It's great to turn folks on the the sport I love. Looking forward to my next class for CCK in Oakland this July! Cheers, b
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I wonder if you were referring to Nemo and I? I love my Huki surfski and have been bitten by the racing bug, alright! grin
Kyle Hamilton

Posted by Kyle Hamilton  on  09/03   at  02:35 PM

Thank You to WISCONSIN & Rutabaga!

Friday, June 09, 2006
Forward Stroke Kayaking Clinics In Wisconsin were a SMASHING Success as usual! Thanks to all back in Madison WI. and Rutabaga Paddlesports for the enthuisum. Man, folks back there are HUNGRY for the knowledge! As usual all my stroke clinics were sold-out. I had a very wide range of abilities in my clinics, which always makes me feel good. One fellow was, as he referred to himself, The Old Guy" and probably in his Sixties - Seventies. I also had two High-School kids as well. I Love That! Everyone seemed very satisfied with the training they received, and had Big Smiles on their faces by the time the clinics were over. Remember my Motto: "Paddling is More FUN, The Less Tired You Are". Darren, Jeff, Nancy and The Staff of Rutabaga are always very supportive when I arrive. I really feel like their shop is a Flagship for what a Paddlesport Shop should be. Great Job you guys, and THANK YOU for the Warm Mid-West Hospitality! I'm off to Sacramento to teach this weekend for California Canoe & Kayak, so The Beat Goes On! Just remember "Long & Strong"! Have Fun on the Water, b
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thanks.. wink

Posted by 89  on  02/14   at  03:11 AM

David Silverman, Founder Of SCARAB: Southern California Adventure Racing Buddies

ATTENTION Adventrue Racers!

read it all here...

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