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Off To The Midwest for 3-Back-To-Back Clinics Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Headed to Madison WI to teach 3 Kayaking Clinics this Weekend! Hey All, just a note to let you know it's time for my annual pilgrimage to Madison, WI once again. I love it there, and the folks there are really Hot for paddling info! In the past, I have taught as many students in Madison in one solid week, than I teach back home in California in the entire summer! Crazy and Great all at the same time. The folks at Rutabaga, always treat me special. I enjoy supporting their teaching program "back home". Yes, I was raised in Wisconsin, (before I even considered what a kayak was or what it would do to me!...), it's nice to get back to my roots each year as well. So, off to The Great White North and a lot of good teaching and good times. Enjoy your holiday weekend, Brent

San Diego ROCKED as Usual!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
The 2-Day Forward Stroke Kayak Clinic in San Diego was another Smashing Success We had 16 students over the 2-Days of Forward Stroke Workshops May 6 & 7th. It's always great to teach down in San Diego, aside from the obvious attractions, The Climate, The Lifestyle and The Vibe; my students are always so hungry for the knowledge! It seems as tho, regardless of their ability or stature in the Kayaking Universe, beginners to experts all gain obvious satisfaction at the day's end. I think that's what keeps me doing this! I had folks from all-walks of paddling: Over the 2-days, I had Five Adventure Racers, One or Two paddling couples, and of course, both individual Men & Women paddlers. They all came from varied backgrounds and all had their own set of expectations. They all seemed to be Smiling at the end of the day, and that's how I Declare Victory! Aqua Adventures does a fantastic job of taking care of their students, and Jen always seems to throw a bit of a Private-Party as we come off The Water to decompress from a Big Day. Thanks to all My Students and "Jen and The Crew" @ Aqua Adventures I'm looking forward to booking the next Forward Stroke Workshop toward the End of Summer or early Fall. Cheers and Happy Paddling! Brent

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