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One SWEET Stick!

Monday, April 17, 2006
A Hot Kayak Paddle for Touring Okay, I'm Spoiled! I guess I've been paddling for too long to use anything but the finest of gear...and guess what? 2 weeks ago I got about the BEST Touring paddle I've ever owned. Man, this thing's a Beauty! Now, most of you know I don't really push product much on this site or in my DVD. I produced that film without any sponsorship for one simple reason, I did not want anyone to think what I had to say was bought and paid for by The Man! However, The Werner Cyprus in Carbon is a JOY to paddle! This beauty is Super Light, The Finish Work is impeccable and The Adjustable Feather Device is bomber. I really love the Foam-Core blade, while the blade-shape is EXACTLY what I like. This thing is Tight & Light! I know I'm known as a bit of a "Racer-Head" and most days you will find me with a Wing Paddle in my hand. However, ever since this new arrival has taken up residence in my garage, and I see that Sweet Stick hang'n on the wall, well, I get a Hanker'n to grab my Touring Boat, forget the racing gear, and take my New Baby for a Spin! My Hat's Off to Bruce, Shelly, Andy and The Crew at Werner, you guys have done it again! The Cyprus is One Sweet Stick, and I'm enjoying each and every stroke! Cheers, b

Lot’s ‘O Fun @ Half Moon Bay Clinic

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Half Moon Bay Kayak Clinic was another Great One! We had a blast in Half Moon Bay this past Sunday, April 9th. California Canoe & Kayak always puts on a great show in Half Moon Bay! I even got to jump up on stage with my harmonicas, as John Lull invited me to play with him at the local pub that evening! I was a bit concerned about all the rain us soggy Californians have been slogging around in for the class tho. From my standpoint, not a big deal for paddling, but YES a big deal for Mark Burk my videographer! He was undaunted tho, and Low & Behold...The Weatherman Was WRONG! NOAH Weather called for 70% chance of showers, but we ended up paddling in (some) Sunshine instead! Looking forward to seeing those of you who are coming to the San Diego May 6 & 7th Clinics. Always a blast down there too! Cheers, b

Half Moon Bay Kayak Clinic Tomorrow, April 9th!

Saturday, April 08, 2006
Forward Stroke Kayak Clinic in Half Moon Bay Tomorrow! Hi All, just a reminder that I will be teaching in Half Moon Bay tomorrow, April 9. Let's hope that the wildly wet winter here in Northern California will give us a short reprieve for tomorrow's video session. I look forward to seeing you all sometime during this season. I believe there may be a single spot remaining in the class tomorrow. Check my "Clinic's Page" above for the link to California Canoe and Kayak's website in order to sign up. Cheers and have fun! brent

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