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Monday, March 20, 2006
Open Heart Surgery for Dad: Training, Teaching and Normal Life are on hold for a bit just now. I am currently in Rochester MN at The Mayo Cliinc. My Dad, Sister and I are here to get Dad a new heart valve. Surgery is tentitively scheduled for Tuesday...The Beat Goes On.

Canoecopia was Fantastic as usual. I spoke to over 300 folks about the Magic of "The Forward Stroke". Five yrs ago, none of my contempories would have believed that standing-room only audiences would care two-shakes about this most basic movement. I LOVE it! Cheers to all, Brent
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this is such a wonderful website! i just love it.
you look good in that kayak of yours.
can't wait to paddle again (with gloves of couse!)

Posted by heidi  on  03/23   at  08:15 PM

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