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One Month out of Hospital and Recoverng Well!

Friday, April 09, 2010
Hi all: Just a quck update to let you know the Recovery Process is moving along "swimingly"! Some ups and downs as expected, but all in all I am very pleased at how I'm feeling and getting back-to-speed. Lots of WALKS...Jeeze, I can't wait to get back In-The-Water, but that will need to wait for a few months yet...I tried riding my bike one day instead of walking for exercise, (please don't tell the my Cardiologist!), but within about 10 min, decided that was pushing the envolope when thinking about all that's been invested in this chest of mine, and decided quickly to Step Off The Bike! (Not the greatest idea just yet!). However, the walks have increased in lenght and now I'm pushing 5 1/2 miles at a shot and averaged +/- 3.6 mph, So things are good.

On a padding note, I'd like to embed a video my friend Craig Tannner did of a Surfski workout he did in Benica on The Shipping Channel. I feel like he did a good job on the production of the film and it "starts" to give a non-surfskier the "feeling" of how wonderful it is to link-up wave-ride after wave-ride. Enjoy and feel free to send me a COMMENT from Comment-Section of this site! Cheers and Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement, brent

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Hi Brent! Thanks for the update. It has been almost a month since your last one. Sounds like you are doing great - as I knew you would. Glad to hear you are being wise in your recovery choices. Love the video. Is he really…

Posted by Karen Birach  on  04/14   at  12:03 AM

17 days out of Stanford and Doing Fine!

Saturday, March 20, 2010
Hi All: Just a short note to let you know I'm doing well. I'm walking every day and that feels great. Not allowed to drive or lift anything over 5 lbs for quite awhile, but that's really minor in the scope of things. I would like to thank all of my friends who have been checking in with me via; Email, Facebook, Website Comments, Phone-calls and Good Ol' fashion "Get Well Cards". Your support has been incredible and is very much appreciated. Thank You.

My sister did a much better job of keeping the site "up to date" than I am, and for that I want to send out a Great Big Thank You to Donna again for doing such a great job!

I'd say however at this point, it appears that "No News is Good News"...I really don't have a lot to report...which is A GOOD THING! The need for 24/7 care and all that work seems to be behind me now. I feel great. Blood Pressure, Pain, Fatique and The Like, are all still daily issues to monitor and deal with, but this is normal, so I'm very pleased with my recovery's just going to take a while.

So, with that, I'm going to sign-off here, and tune-into my Sirius Radio Blues Channel to listen to B.B. King and Buddy Guy "shoot the shit" for the next hour!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND. In the words of the late Warren Zevon, "Remember to Enjoy Every Sandwich"! Cheers & Have Fun, brent
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Way to go, Brent! I'm sure it helped that you were in such great shape to start with. Glad you are doing well. Hope to see you this summer. How fortunate to have a sister like Donna.


Posted by Mary Gustafson  on  03/26   at  03:39 PM

Progress Update after 9-Days back home & “Hi” to CANOECOPIA Folks!

Friday, March 12, 2010
Hi All:

I’m ROCK’N thru this thing! At the 7-Day Post Opt Check-Up, Both Doc’s; Cardiologist & Surgeon, have given me the Thumbs up to push Aerobic Exercise as hard as I want! That is to say, primarily walking. They figure that if I push too hard one day, the next day I’ll know it, and it will be up to ME to back-off. The constraints on my recovery-routine are that I’m not allowed to drive a car for 1-Month; and I'm not allowed to lift more than 5 lbs for 2 months…pretty cool! It’s up to me now, and I plan on lots of walking, not pushing too hard, but eventually shooting for some kind of training effect none-the-less.

The Medical Team's take is that “The Plumbing Job” (Removal and Replacement of my Aorta) is 100% in tact and doing well. However he “Cracked-Open Sternum” will need a full 3 full months for bones to knit back together. Hence the no lifting anything heavier than 5 lbs and also no Fun-Stuff like Kayaking, Lifting, Rope Climbing, Mt Bike Riding, etc till then.

Also, during the “Rib Stretching” Program carried out in surgery…(one of the more gruesome aspects of my surgeon’s job), one of my Upper Ribs evidently broke, (whoops!), instead of "bent", so that’s a bit painful just now. Blood Pressure, Sleeping and other body-functions are still in flux, which limit what I can do day-to-day as well, but for the most part I’ve avoided any “additional complications” of surgery. The Domino-Effect of surgery had always been one of my biggest concerns going into this thing, and now that aspect looks to be behind me, and Man, that's a huge relief!

I can not say enough about the quality and expertise of The Staff at Stanford Hospital! My Hat's Off to each and every one of them. Thank You Stanford!

TO ALL MY FRIENDS HEADED ON THEIR GREAT HOMAGE TO CANOECOPIA, MADISON WISCONSIN: I sure wish I was going to be able to see you all this weekend! DARN, missing last year was tough enough, now with this set-back....Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait until Canoecopia 2011! Have a BLAST at the Expo this weekend and know that I'm there In Spirit!

Thanks again for all your Love and Caring. Brent

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Glad to hear it is going so well, that you are "out of the slammer". Great you got out of the house so quickly PostOp. Bonus points avoiding the complications that can get us during and after surgery. Will they let…

Posted by john dye  on  03/14   at  11:51 PM

Aus tried to call but to no glad to hear this great update today. Will write more later!

XO Chris

Posted by Christine Krissoff  on  03/12   at  09:10 PM

Happy Sunday Nite!

Sunday, March 07, 2010
Hi All, just a quick note to let you know Donna and I are doing well out here with the wind & sunshine of Moss Landing. I wanted to touch-base to let you all know that today is the first day I really feel "close to pretty darn normal"...and that feels "Pretty Darn Good"!

Of course, it's all relative, but we head back to Stanford this coming Wed for my 7-day Post Opt Check-up...and if I keep feeling as well as I did today, I can't believe I wouldn't get a Pristine Bill of Health next week!

I Walked around the block today! (Whoa, a whole 15-min walk! smile ...Sometimes It's the Little-Things that count...)

When I have gone through large life-episodes similar to this one in the past, Friends and Family are clearly the cornerstones making Life Worth Living. Thank-You for all the great Comments and Emails. We appreciate them.

Thanks again, brent
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Glad I found you on the net and to hear you are doing so well is fantastic! Just wanted to let you know you were and have been in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear your recovery is going so well! All the best,…

Posted by LINDA PIERCE  on  03/08   at  10:28 AM

Thank You All!

Friday, March 05, 2010
Hi All, Brent Here once again: It's Day 2 at home, and my energy level is pretty much tanked tonight.

This will be much more brief than I'd like...I wish I could return voice mails and emails, but that's taking a bit too much healing-energy just now...

First, thanks to my Sister Donna for the "Nothing Short of Fantastic" manner in which she ruled the Wildsprint website in my absence. I'm one lucky Bro! Everyone I've heard in voice-mails and such, have been very complementary and grateful of her wonderful narratives...and, of course, I am the most grateful of all!

Second, thanks so much to ALL of you who have helped me through this First, and Most Intense Chapter...We did it! There are no words to accurately describe the gratitude I have for you....all I can offer is my heart-felt thanks...

Third, please know, that even tho the Comments sections have been up and down on the site, I receive each and every one of the comments via email as well. I intend to get back to each and every one of you over my recovery-period. Thanks for being there for me over this past wild-ride of a week!...Whew, quite an adventure, but one I'm pleased and relieved to have taken!

Will Catch-up with you in a bit. Thanks Again, brent
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Posted by Webmaster  on  03/07   at  10:15 PM


You are amazing, and I'm so glad you are home. What a star! Sounds like you are on track for a speedy recovery so keep up the good work. Donna has indeed rocked the Wildsprint website, it has been fabulous…

Posted by Sarah  on  03/06   at  11:22 AM

It's nice to see you on the computer and hear that you are hanging in there.
xo heidi

Posted by Heidi  on  03/06   at  10:26 AM

Slow but sure

Thursday, March 04, 2010
Hi All,
Another great day living the dream folks!! The weather was fantastic today, which really helps to lift a persons spirits. Its going to be quite an adjustment for Brent to be so immobile so to speak.He is so used to getting right after it everyday that I think he's feeling frustrated, tired, and still in a fair amount of pain. Doesn't sound like any fun to me either....but he's doing the best with it that he can that's for sure. We've got things here on the island(Moss Landing) pretty well dialed in. Movies are going to be big for the entertainment piece of our nights' that's for sure....Nothing much to report except things are going really well and so is Brent's recovery for what I can tell....that being said, Have a great night Y'all....donna
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I behind see that you are an expert at your field! I am introduction a internet site soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Gives Thanks for all your supporter and bidding you all the succeeded modern your concern.

Posted by View Streams  on  03/27   at  11:44 AM

Brent- Glad to hear you're out of the hospital and doing super. Keep up the good work, coach. Remember about the walking. all the best, Bill

Posted by Bill Krissoff  on  03/06   at  11:12 PM

So glad to hear you are doing so well! Just goes to show you how being physically fit helps a surgical recovery! I have been following the posts each day and they have all been so encouraging; Donna, you've done a fantastic…

Posted by Cousin Bev/Leigh  on  03/05   at  11:20 AM

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, March 03, 2010
Hi All,
We made it back to Moss Landing safe and sound. We were even lucky enough the get out of the hospital between all the showers and beat rush hour all together!! Which really made it alot less stressful.( Especially for me as I was driving, and there are no such things as "Rush Hours" or "Traffic Jams" where I live!!!) Brent is doing great! The discharge process was actually really fast. No hassles at all. We just walked right out, got in the car,and headed Home!! Yea!! We stopped at Eriks Deli for lunch and then home. By that time Brent was pretty tired. Its been a busy day and we're just now getting to relax together for the first time since this experience started. Its really been something else!! Blows my mind to think about where Brent was at in ICU, a hurting unit to say the least, 6 short days ago. Sure does confirm what an amazing machine the human body is if taken care of,and the advantages of preventative and proactive health and medical choices. I've been through alot of surgeries with my family, (fortunately they weren't on me!) and the difference in going into a surgery healthy and strong verses ambulatory is incredible. The correlation is, if you go in strong, you seem to come out for thought!! That's it for tonight folks. Thank you all again for hanging in there with us and keeping the energy going~~****~~~~***.....donna
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Welcome home Brent! Yeah!I bet your own bed never felt so darn good!

I know it will be awhile, but let me know when you start "jamming" again. If you can't get out to jam, bring the jam to you! I'll come…

Posted by Dawn-iqua  on  03/05   at  10:21 AM

Awesome news. Hide the paddles!!!

I will have a beer for him now.

Donna, where are you at in CO??

Posted by Ripper  on  03/04   at  08:17 PM

You must be so happy to be home.
I am glad that things have gone so smoothly.
xo heidi

Posted by Heidi  on  03/04   at  05:18 PM

Going Home

Hi All,
Today is the day....its a game of hurry and wait. There are lots of steps to discharge, and we are just glad to be making them. Brent is great and ready to go. I will let you know when we make it home and how the ride went. It might take awhile, so keep checking. Thank you again for all the great support.....

Thank you Stanford Hospital Staff. The staff here are stellar!! We have had the best experience imaginable in such a critical time in our lives, especially Brents. The care and expertise are impeccable. The nursing staff is awesome. Thank you once again......donna
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First off, happy birthday big guy! Glad to hear you're doing okay and able to go home today! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Please let me know if I can do anything to help, as you know, I'm pretty close to…

Posted by Thomas  on  03/03   at  03:11 PM

That's great news!
Have a safe drive home.
Can't wait to hear from you!
xo heidi

Posted by Heidi  on  03/03   at  02:20 PM

Leaving tomorrow

Tuesday, March 02, 2010
Hi All,
Its a great day at Stanford. Brent is going to be discharged tomorrow AM. We saw both the surgeons today. They said " both the tests look Pristine" and "the repair is tight as a drum". So....cant beat that! Its really been a long day for Brent, and we've met with alot of professionals, OT, PT, Cardiac Rehab, and Nutritionist's, who gave us alot of information to absorb....but were confident and ready to go. Not much else to say except Thank you all again for your kindnesses and have a peaceful night...donna
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Hey Brent...dude....just heard the news today in the huddle. Wow...great to hear that you are doing well!

Listen, if you need anything at home during your recovery...let me know. I can come out to your house and get your internet, computer, TVs…

Posted by Mark Burger  on  03/03   at  12:24 PM

Sounds all very good.....not to push too hard...just enough to move ahead. Lots of support! Good job keeping us posted Donna! Sending lots of love, Jane and Roger

Posted by Jane and Roger  on  03/02   at  10:29 PM

Its Getting Close

Hi All,
Brent is ready to go home.....we're waiting for the test results to confirm that, and hopefully tomorrow we will be out of here. Its been a really busy day, nutritionists, cardiac rehab specialists, etc....everyone has to do there part of the discharge requirement so its been really busy. Brent looks great, and seems to be getting back to himself really fast. I'll keep you posted on the progress, but that's it for now.

I'm not sure when Brent will want visitors, but I will post that as soon as he lets me know, or maybe he will be doing it himself ....

Once again, we are all so appreciative of your constant concern and love and well wishes....thank you very much.....donna
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Hey, Surprised to hear you are in the hospital and THRILLED to hear you ar doing well. Donna, Thanks so much for looking after Brent.


Posted by Marlene Mickey  on  03/02   at  07:31 PM

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