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Kayak Clinics and so much more!

Mendocino County & Liquid Fusion - ROCK’s!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Had a GREAT clinic in Fort Bragg last Sat!
Jeff and Cate of Liquid Fusion Kayaks did a great job of putting on another Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic, with hopes of another this Fall.
The little secluded teaching spot is PERFECT for Teaching, Learning and Video!
Of course the Mendocino Coastline is Spectacular as well...Doesn't get much Better!
So that's been Two Excellent Clinics this season so far, one in South Lake Tahoe and this one in Mendocino County...Life's Tough!!!
I hope this finds you all Out On The Water having a good time.
If you or your paddling group / club / shop are interested in setting up a clinic, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Cheers and HAVE FUN, brent

Summer Forward Stroke Clinics are RAMPING UP!

Monday, May 28, 2012
Hi All: LAST WEEKEND I had a really great Forward Stroke Clinic up in South Lake Tahoe
The weather was outstanding and my Students were Eager and Hungry to Learn.
We had a full class of 8-Students a world-class videographer and Plenty of FUN as well!
There is a wonderful Lake Tahoe Water Trail System up there and all the folks that took the clinic are heavily involved.
It's always great to get a group of students working on their technique Early in the Season, as they have the entire Spring and Summer to HAVE FUN with their new stroke!
NEXT WEEKEND I head North to The Mendocino Area.
The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic will be hosted by my good friends Jeff and Cate of Liquid Fusion Kayaking.
I think there may be 1 or 2 spots still open for this one, and if you have never seen the beauty of this place, I'd suggest you give them a buzzzzz!
They can be reached at or call them at (707) 684-9459.
I believe most students are making the trek from San Fran or Sacramento areas...Come On UP!
JUNE 23, Down South... It's looking like a group would like to host a clinic in Ventura, CA.
If you are interested in attending this upcoming clinic, drop me a note at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I'll sign you up as long as there are still spots open...

Okay, have a BLAST ON THE WATER, brent

Historical -  Racing Newspaper Stories

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Hi All: I was rummaging through my Father's Attic last week and stumbled across a Surpirse of Old Newspaper Clippings he's been saving!
Thanks to the Digital World, I've placed "freshly scanned" copies on the RESOURCES PAGE...Check 'em out! brent

It’s That Time Of Year Again! Let’s book some Clinics and GO PADDLE!

Hi All:
I've begun booking clinics for the the 2012 Season and welcome any and all inquires or suggestions about Where & When you may be interested in a Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic.
I offer two basic types of Clinics: "On The Water" Clinic - consists of an all-day On The Water Clinic with student-specific Video Technique Review, or "Speaking engagements for a 1-2 Hour DryLand Clinic designed for a "classroom-type" setting.
Currently I have a "private-club" Clinic booked up in Tahoe this Spring and am working with California Canoe and Kayak, Liquid Fusion, and other Paddling Outfitters and Stores to fill the paddling season weekends with classes...
If you have a local shop or club who may have members who are interested in Having MORE Fun while being LESS Tired on the water...drop me a line here!

Okay, off for a surf-ski workout just now and looking forward to hearing from my fellow paddling folks this New Paddling year!

Have Fun On The Water this Season, brent

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Wow! I'd like to join this kind of sport. I will surely try this once I get back home. Thanks for this great idea!

Posted by Kelly  on  03/21   at  09:31 PM

Merry Christmas to ALL

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Just a quick note to let everyone know Wildsprint is Alive and Well.
I know, it's been way to long since my last update, no excuses other than I prefer to Be On The Water than On The Computer...but that will never change, so here's a quick update:

This Summer and Fall were spectacular for racing. I had not seriously put the hammer down for over 2 years due to my little open-heart surgery adventure, and Boy, it feels GREAT to be trained up and going pretty-well again.
Well, it DID feel that way...I must admit that the winter short hours of daylight, chilly temps and numerous bout's with a really nasty-strain of "the common cold" has seriously put a damper on the Training and Racing...I guess it's sort of a hibernation period for Brent, but that just makes coming back on all the sweeter!

Had GREAT results (from my perspective) at The Wildside Relay with my partner Chris Stout up in Oregon this Summer.
Followed that up with super races, that even surprised me, in the Pre National Champ's Race and The Official National Champ's Race in San Fran Bay a month later, in Aug.
Chaulked up a smok'n preformance in the Wave Chaser Race at Half Moon Bay, CA toward the end of the season...So Really Happy with 2011 results!

I had wondered how the First Year Back was going to treat me, and I am nuth'n but Jacked About It!

Hope you all have a GREAT CHRISTMAS, Cheers, brent

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So sad to hear about your heart surgery and happy Christmas and New Year. Hope this new year also enjoy..

Posted by Karn  on  01/02   at  12:34 AM

The Diverse &  Powerful World of Paddling. Please read Doug’s Story:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello All: Below is Doug's Story about how kayak paddling has helped him overcome both mental and physical challenges in his life.
Doug lives in The Midwest, and just called me out of the blue last week, as he really wanted to share with me how important kayaking has become in his life.
I think it's easy for many of us, myself included, to forget how powerful our sport can truly be.
Being "On The Water", and doing one's best to move across it as effortlessly as possible, can be life enriching, and sometimes, a life saving experience.
I really love sharing these deeper kinds of insights about what we all love to do, so please read on... brent
Hi Brent, my name is Doug Larson and I spoke with you Friday on the
> phone. I tried sending you a message about my restorative therapy with
> kayaking but I don't think it went through (probably because it was
> too long). Anyway to keep it short, 3 years ago I broke my neck and
> was paralized from the neck down in a mountain bike race. 3 surgeries
> later I can walk and have feeling back although I have chronic neck
> pain and some neuropathy. I also suffer from depression and anxiety to
> the point that I was quite suicidal. 23 electric shock treatments,
> numerouse hospitalizations and countless medications were not cutting
> it. In a pain management program I found that I could paddle a kayak
> in gentle conditions with only a small amount of pain.
> It was wonderful and brought me great joy that had been devoid in my
> life for almost 2 years. I feel paddling has in many ways probably
> saved my life and given me something positive to work towards. Your
> forward stroke clinic dvd is wonderful and lets me strive to become a
> better paddler. Furthermore it keeps me mindful and in the present
> only thinking of proper technique instead of dark thinking. Thank you,
> thank you, thank you. I hope you too continue to recover from your
> heart surgery. I hope to one day actually come out and take your
> class. Until then happy kayaking!
> Sincerely,
> Doug

WildSide Relay in Hood River Oregon…is WILD!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011
Hi All, Just a quick update to tell you How Much FUN I had in Oregon two weekends ago...
The Event is called the Wild Side Relay.
It happens on The Columbia River, in The Gorge.
The Race is UPSTREAM...yes I said UP-stream, using the unique condition of mild down-stream current smashing into Serious UP-Stream Wind...creating LOVELY SURFING WAVES...UP RIVER...NUTS!
Even more crazy is that throughout various sections of the course, you get the added challenge of driving your speeding surfski through SWARMS of Wind Surfers and Kite Boarders...which is particularly nerve-wracking, as, of course, these Swarms...overtake you in the most Crazy Sections of the river!!
Regardless of all that crazy-ness...The competitors came from all over the Western Seaboard from Vancouver Canada to Northern Ca.
And the beer does not get much better than all the Brew-Pub knowledge that happens in that neck of the woods! Yummy!!!
It's a great FUN event leading up to THIS WEEKEND's BIG RACE...The National Surfski Championships, in San Francisco Bay!
I wanted everyone to know, from JD the race-organizer, to all the folks who raced and supported us racers...that I had a great time and am sending a Big Thank You for The Good Time!
Chris Stout and I captured 5th place out of 40 total teams and feel like we had a good team-effort and result.
I don'k know JD's web-site address, but if you google Wildside Relay, you should find his site, (I think it's Pacific Northwest Outrigger...but not sure), and see results there!
Cheers, br


Saturday, July 23, 2011
To all who attended my COMPLETELY FILLED Clinic at California Canoe & Kayak's venue @ Half Moon Bay this past Sunday...A Great Big THANK YOU!
Great Class! Great Folks!
I limit my clinics to no more than 8 folks, as that is a small enough number to teach the 5-Main Components on a global basis, as well as have enough time to work with each student individually.
So we ended up having folks from all experience levels come from as far away as Lake Tahoe, and it seemed like everyone walked away with a smile...
The Brent Reitz Mantra is "Paddling is MORE FUN the LESS TIRED you are"...and by incorporating the new techniques covered in our clinic, I believe all the students were satisfied.

The Next clinic is set for Mid Aug. at CCK, Half Moon Bay again!

The Hood River, "Wildside Relay" Race & The National Surf-ski Championships and training for them, is all happening right now!
I head to Hood River to race for my first time in what sounds like a CRAZY and WILD race on the Columbia River Gorge...Big Wind and (hopefully) REALLY BIG WAVES to ride!
I am really looking forward to entering the Surf-ski Champs this year, as I've had a medical-issue that has now been resolved and allows me to re-engage in Competitive Exercise...aka RACE AGAIN!

So, I had a really great time with all my students last Sunday in Half Moon Bay.
I look forward to seeing all of you Out On The Water soon!

Cheers, brent
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Thanks Brent. Jennifer and I had a great time and came away with a lot to work on. Definitely need more help with my blues harp and hope to pick up Bad Habits at the next opportunity.

Posted by Tim  on  08/22   at  12:44 PM


Monday, June 13, 2011
Wow, what an interesting and Fantastic Paddling Neighborhood you have up there!

First off, your hospitality was really great and I appreciated being treated like “family” in my group of new paddling friends.

Second, what an incredible paddling-community! I don’t think I’ve been anywhere in North America that has such a thriving paddling environment as in Vancouver, BC. With the weekly Deep Cove Tuesday Night Races as the hinge-pin, the level of interaction, friendships and desire to Get Out On The Water was unsurpassed in any of my teaching-adventures. The sheer number of people who are deeply interested in becoming stronger and more efficient paddlers blew me away! Paddling has become a way of building new friendships, as well as, breeds a healthy sense of “friendly competition” that pushes folks to stay Healthy & Happy! You have something special up there folks, keep it going!

I want to thank not only the 16 students who attended my classes over this past weekend, but also a heartfelt thank you to Bob, Morgan and Seth Putman for taking me into their home and treating me like family during my teaching engagement this weekend. Also all the folks at Deep Cove Paddling Center and Store for their support in making these clinics happen as well.
Feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have about what we covered this past weekend. Also feel free to shoot me out any comments I might want to put up for others to read here on my site.

Cheers, and one more BIG Thank You to all of you up in Vancouver, you Live & Paddle in a truly special place.
I am already looking forward to my next visit, brent

NEW VENUE: Santa Barbara / Ventura Clinic was a SMASHING Success!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Hey All,

Just wanted to thank all of you who attended the 1st Santa Barbara / Ventura Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic!
What a great group of folks and a super Teaching-Spot in Ventura!

It's also pretty clear there are a ton of other folks who live down there, who are interested in learning how best to move their boats efficiently. If you are one of them, let me know!
I'd like to get another clinic on the books quickly while there are still weekends available on my calendar.

I've already received several positive "testimonials" from my students who took the clinic this past Sat, May 28, and will be posting them on this site soon.
They are already looking forward to a return-clinic later this season to see how well the technique-changes have improved their power as well as to continue fine-tuning their stroke.

So, if you are interested in putting together a clinic and you live in the that neck of the woods, drop me a line.
And for anyone who would like me to return, let's discuss and I'll make it happen!

Cheers and Happy Paddling, brent

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Iris Had a Great Class and told me I could share her feedback…

read it all here...

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